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Veloce Ltd was the name of the company before it became Velocette Motorcycles. It was founded in 1905 by John Goodman (born Johannes Gutgemann, later altered to John Taylor, and finally to John Goodman) and William Gue as "Taylor, Gue Ltd.", with the "Veloce" as its first motorcycle. They renamed the company Veloce Ltd after a year. Under that moniker, they began making 4-stroke motorcycles. Then, in 1913, they created the "Velocette," their first 2-stroke machine. They liked the name so much that they titled the entire company after one of their goods for the second time. Percy and Eugene Goodman joined the firm in 1916. 

Best Vintage Velocette Motorcycle Parts Manufacturers

Our motto of working at Royal Choppers is quality, trust, and reliability; as a result, our manufacturing is overseen by trained professionals, and all of the fundamental materials we use are of the highest quality. Our manufacturing team is our most valuable and powerful resource, with a vast and in-depth understanding of the spare parts industry. We constantly meet the aims and goals set by our business thanks to the diligent efforts of our team. We have established a sophisticated infrastructure that is divided into distinct departments such as manufacturing, quality assurance, warehousing, and R&D and is equipped with the most sophisticated and cutting-edge machinery, allowing us to provide the highest quality Velocette vintage motorcycle parts to our customers. 

Vintage Velocette Motorcycle Parts Company in India

As a quality-driven vintage Velocette motorcycle parts manufacturer, we make certain that only the best items make it to the clients. To ensure that a flawless assortment of items reaches the customers, the products are tested on numerous factors. These parts can be availed in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Canada, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Belgium, Japan, Finland, Czechia, Portugal, Poland, Austria and South Africa.

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