Valuable Tips On Maintaining a Vintage Motorcycle

There is no denying that maintaining vintage motorcycles is a bit different task compared to new-age motorcycles. It is quite simple as classic legends are older and require more attention. 

No doubts, bikes have come a long way in terms of technological aspects, but sometimes sticking to classic ones from years ago is a bigger preference among motorcycle enthusiasts.

Well, if you are wondering what exactly a vintage bike is then it depends on who you are asking. Generally, such motorcycles are older than 25 to 30 years.  

Those who own such legends carry a huge sense of pride and it shows when they hit the roads on the weekends and vintage rallies.

Regular Greasing Of Bearings

This is something a lot of people aren’t aware of or ignore. Older bikes have a lot of places that need greasing. It is important for a vintage motorcycle to give its maintenance, some greasing and regular checkups. Anything that rotates needs this especially bearings.

Have The Right Tools for Fixes

Like vintage Yamaha motorcycle parts, other motorcycles aren’t too complicated of machines. You just need a set of good quality tools for fixing. The most frequently used tools are a socket/ratchet and wrench set.

Take It for Regular Rides

If you want your classic legends to last much longer then make sure to them for regular rides. You may have not noticed but experts have seen what happens to first-hand when you simply let a bike sit.

Use A Fuel Filter When Appropriate

Vintage motorcycles have a tendency to build up dirt and grime inside their systems and even inside the gas tank which delivers fuel to the carburetor. With the help of an inline filter between the carburetor and the gas tank, you can save your carburetor from any damage.

Frequent Washes

Frequently washing your vintage motorcycle is a must in order to make it look good all the time in case you take it to shows. Older motorcycles are more susceptible to breakdown and rust due to the materials used to make them. In fact, most of the motorcycles nowadays are made with galvanized steel that is coated with rust-resistant zinc. It is believed that this paint on motorcycles nowadays is much more rust resistant than the paint they used 30 plus years ago.

Get Towing Insurance

It is always a good idea of having towing insurance on your older motorcycle. If your motorcycle breaks down then the least convenient for you is having towing insurance. It is always recommended the back up of towing in hand. This insurance can be purchased either through an independent towing company or through your own motorcycle insurance brand. Most companies have 24*7 access so you won’t have to worry about what time you might break down.

Frequent Carburetor Cleaning

In the chart of vintage bike maintenance, you need to make sure of more frequent carburetor cleaning. The jets inside of them are so small and can be clogged easily especially the older models.

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