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Husqvarna Motorcycles is a Swedish motorcycle manufacturer that has been in operation since 1903. The company produces a range of off-road, motocross, and enduro motorcycles, as well as street bikes.

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1689: It started as a small arms factory in the town of Huskvarna in southern Sweden. The company manufactured muskets, rifles, and other weapons for the Swedish army.

1903: Started producing bicycles.

1904: Began manufacturing motorcycles, starting with a 50cc engine.

1933: Introduced its first purpose-built racing motorcycle, the Silverpilen.

1955: Won its first Grand Prix in the 250cc class, with rider Rolf Tibblin.

1960s: Dominated the motocross and enduro racing circuits, winning numerous championships in Europe and the United States.

1987: Was acquired by the Italian motorcycle manufacturer Cagiva.

2007: Was acquired by BMW, which invested in new technology and production facilities for the company.

2013: Was sold to KTM, another Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. KTM has continued to invest in the Husqvarna brand, launching new models and expanding into new markets.

Its off-road motorcycles are known for their light weight, agility, and performance, and have won numerous championships in motocross and enduro competitions. The company also produces a line of electric motorcycles and e-bikes.

In addition to its motorcycles, it also produces a range of accessories and gear for riders, including helmets, gloves, boots, and protective gear.

It is owned by the KTM Group, which also owns KTM, another Austrian motorcycle manufacturer. The two companies share technology and resources, and some of their models share components and engines.

Here is a brief overview of the company's history:

Today, Husqvarna is known for its high-performance off-road motorcycles, as well as its line of electric motorcycles and e-bikes. The company has a strong presence in the motocross and enduro racing circuits, and its motorcycles are used by riders around the world.

It produces a range of motorcycles, including off-road, motocross, and enduro bikes, as well as street bikes, added by a vintage Indian motorcycle parts manufacturer.

Here are some of the current models offered by Husqvarna:

FC Motocross Bikes: The FC range includes several motocross models, including the FC 250, FC 350, and FC 450.

TC Off-Road Bikes: The TC range includes several off-road models, including the TC 50, TC 65, TC 85, TC 125, and TC 250.

TE Enduro Bikes: The TE range includes several enduro models, including the TE 150i, TE 250i, and TE 300i.

701 Supermoto: The 701 Supermoto is a street bike that is designed for performance and agility.

Vitpilen Street Bikes: The Vitpilen range includes several street bikes, including the Vitpilen 401 and Vitpilen 701, which are known for their sleek, minimalist design.

Svartpilen Street Bikes: The Svartpilen range includes several street bikes, including the Svartpilen 401 and Svartpilen 701, which have a more rugged, off-road-inspired design.

It also produces a line of electric motorcycles, including the EE 5 electric motocross bike and the E-Pilen electric street bike, which are designed for environmentally conscious riders.

Husqvarna is popular for several reasons:

Performance: Husqvarna is known for producing high-performance motorcycles that are designed to excel in off-road, motocross, and enduro racing. The company's bikes are known for their light weight, agility, and power, which makes them popular among riders who demand the best performance from their motorcycles.

Innovation: It has a reputation for innovation and has been at the forefront of motorcycle technology for many years. The company has been a leader in developing new materials, such as carbon fiber, and has introduced new features, such as electric starters and fuel injection systems.

Design: It is known for its distinctive and stylish design, which combines sleek lines with rugged, off-road-inspired features. The company's street bikes, in particular, are highly sought-after for their minimalist, modern aesthetic.

Racing heritage: It has a long and successful racing heritage, having won numerous championships in motocross and enduro competitions. This racing pedigree has helped to establish the Husqvarna brand as a leader in the motorcycle industry and has contributed to its popularity among riders and fans alike.

The combination of performance, innovation, design, and racing heritage have made it a popular choice among motorcycle enthusiasts around the world.

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