Pre-Ride Checklist for Enthusiastic Motorcyclist

Your motorcycle, like your automobile, requires routine maintenance to keep it in good working order. Before each ride, you should inspect your bike thoroughly, and before a lengthy journey, you should inspect it even more thoroughly. If you're not sure what to look for, the best vintage Indian motorcycle parts company has put together a checklist to help you with your inspection.

Riding Gear

You should be fully equipped with the necessary riding equipment, which should be in good working order. This includes your riding suit, a helmet, strong boots, gloves, and eye protection, if you wear one. For rainy days, bring waterproof clothing. Make sure your motorcycle's storage compartments have your repair kit and first-aid kit, as well as your GPS and phone with charging connections.


Because you're difficult to see on the road as a motorbike rider, having working lights is an important safety precaution. Before you go, make sure your high and low beams, turn signals, brake lights, and running lights are all operating properly.

Sprockets & Chains

Before each ride, make sure your motorcycle's drive chain is properly greased. All of your chains, cables, nuts, and bolts should be secured, and if you're not sure how tight they should be, ask your mechanic when you get your oil changed.

Brakes, Clutch & Throttle

Because brakes are such an important part of any car, you should make sure that your brake pads aren't worn out. If they don't activate as soon as they used to, something is amiss, and you should take your bike to a mechanic. When you start the engine, make sure your throttle and clutch have the proper amount of give. Your controls should be responsive without being overly loose. If you're riding in high gears and idling frequently, your throttle may not be closing completely. Another clue that your motorcycle needs professional maintenance is if the clutch shifts gears swiftly and smoothly without grinding.

Engine Fluids

Fluids keep your motorcycle's engine running smoothly, so make sure they're clean, topped up, and in good working order before each ride. Make sure your oil, coolant, brake fluid, and fuel are all in good working order. The quality of your oil may be tested with a dipstick, much like a car, and it should be replaced according to the manufacturer's recommendations. Before embarking on a lengthy journey, make sure your tank is full. If your gas mileage suddenly lowers, you may have a fuel tank leak, so keep an eye out.


Checking your tires before you ride is a quick and easy way to assure your safety. Blowouts are particularly dangerous for motorcycle riders who don't have the protection of an enclosed compartment, as you're more likely to be flung from your bike if your tires blows. Before each ride, check the tires pressure and watch for uneven tread wear or a tire that is constantly low, as this could indicate a slow leak. Bring your bike in for replacement tires right away if you notice any embedded objects or bald areas. We are a leading Vintage Harley Davidson motorcycle parts manufacturer in India that offers our products and services in different countries.

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