Popular Vespa Models from 1946-51 You Should Know

Piaggio was founded in the year 1884 by a 22 years old boy in Genoa. A few years later, it began to manufacture truck bodies, engines, coaches, goods vans, and rail carriages. It also built seaplanes and airplanes during World War I. The company bought a new plant in the year 1917 in Pisa. After 4 years, Piaggio bought a new one in Italy where Vespa would be founded after a couple of years. It is said that the factory was completely damaged by bombs but Enrico Piaggio had the power to rebuild it.

Italy’s most celebrated scooter is buzzing along nicely after tripling sales in the last decade. Recently, this symbol of the “dolce vita" and design classic and Vespa turned 70. Enrico Piaggio had registered the patent in the Tuscan capital on April 23, 1946. 70 years later, more than 18 million models have been sold. Still, vintage vespa parts are quite popular in the automotive market.

Vespa 98 (1946)

In a Golf Club in Rome, Vespa introduced its 1st ever scooter in the year 1946. The first sales of Vespa were managed through a small dealer network. 

Vespa 98 Corsa Circuito (1947)

This model was manufactured in color red to show the world the capacity of the small scooter to be competitive in races. This model was also known as the small fireball.

Vespa 98 II Series (1947)

In terms of technical specifications and aesthetics, Vespa 98 II Series had offered marvelous improvements over its predecessor.

Vespa 125 Corsa “alloy frame" (1949)

In the year 1949, Vespa manufactured its first model with a race chassis made from aluminium alloy. It was the same used earlier also for the production of aircraft.  It was assembled using the technology which was highly advanced during the ’40 with alloy wheels and rivets.

Vespa 125 (1949)

Piaggio decided to completely stop the production of Vespa 98cc in the year 1947. The decision was made to continue with the 125cc for the Italian and international markets.

Vespa Circuito 125 (1949)

With the to bring the motorcycling industry to the general public, the majority of manufacturers considered the best way to advertise their vehicles to participate to several races in the late forties. It was expected to make new potential buyers.

Vespa Montlhery (1950) 

In the year 1950, Piaggio shifted the focus of spectators to breaking new records in order to promote the sporty image of Vespa. During 10 hours of testing and three drivers, it won the world record time of 1,000 km race (average speed 124.3 km/h), 500 miles race (average speed 123.9 km/h), and 100 miles race (average speed 129.7 km/h).

Vespa Siluro (1951)

Vespa broke its most cherished record of the flying kilometer in the year 1951.

Vespa 125 (1951)

In the year 1951, the model was appeared in the movie “Roman Holiday” and became even more famous. It was a love story of Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburnin Rome. It was the first Vespa model to feature in a movie.

Vespa 125 “Six Days" (1951)

The “Six Days" was different due to the fuel tank benefitting the right side bag which accommodated a larger carburetor and a wraparound shield. It was aesthetically very similar to Vespa 125.

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