Iconic Vintage Motorcycles of All Time

There is no denying that vintage motorcycles have become one of the necessary collectables. Be it classic bike rallies or Sunday morning rides, it is quite normal now to see a number of motorcycles on the roads, and some of them look truly outstanding. Some experts say it's anything older than 1974 must be to qualify as vintage.

Let’s have a look at some of the classic bikes and vintage motorcycle parts that are all set to become icons in the motorcycling world.

1915 Cyclone

Cyclone of 1915 is one of the legendary motorcycles of that era. It is almost centennial old and one of the most impressive facts was only 300 models were manufactured. At present, only 8 (12) originals were found.

1939 BMW (600) Type 255 Kompressor

BMW (600) Type 255 Kompressor was one of the most popular bikes in the year 1939. In the late 1920s, the brand invented its compressor technology. In 1935, the second generation of supercharged BMW motorcycles appeared.  

1939 Brough Superior SS100

Brough Superior was known as the “Rolls-Royce” of the motorcycle world. In 924, the first SS100 was introduced and also won over 50 events. The production of Brough Superior SS100 was engineered through competition and racing.  Also it held world speed record (for motorcycles) 5 times.

1940 Crocker (Big Tank)

In terms of performance, nothing even came close to Crocker.  All Crocker’s were hand-made, and only built upon special orders. Being one of the luxury bikes, it wasn’t made for most people. Around 60 Crocker’s were made and became a legend (and still is). It was one of the most popular motorcycles in America.

1924 BMW R32

It was one of the most impressive machines with 3-speed transmission, top speed of 100km/h, 8.5bhp, and stunning looks. This was the first motorcycle ever to “wear” BMW original emblem which can be seen today.

1952 Vincent Series C Black Lightning

It was astonishing to see the results when engineers of Black Lightning removed every unnecessary part from a motorcycle. It was an exclusive racing version of the Black Shadow. Almost every steel part was remade in aluminum or using magnesium alloys.

1951 Vincent Series C Black Shadow

1951 Vincent Series C Black Shadow was meant to be more powerful than its predecessor. In early 1950, it was introduced and was a superior hand-built sports motorcycle everyone dreamed of

1928 Coventry Eagle 980cc Flying 8

The engine of this legendary beast was 980cc V-twin with overhear valves and was one of the most iconic bikes at that time.

1915 Indian 8-Valve (Boardracer)

It was the fastest motorcycle in the whole world with rumored top speed of 212 km/h. It has a huge 1000cc 8-valve engine, in the1915’s this was an unbelievable feat of technology! It was a set example of racing history.

1966 Yamaha “The Batcycle”

It was modernized with an engine of only 250cc two-stroke parallel twins. It was able to hit around 150 km/h even with all additional weight and customization.

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